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Frequently Asked Questions

What League does Lazio play in 2016?

The 2016–17 season was the 117th season in Società Sportiva Lazio ' s history and their 29th consecutive season in the top-flight of Italian football. Lazio competed in Serie A, finishing fifth, and in the Coppa Italia, where they finished as runners-up to Juventus, losing the final 2–0.

What is the population of Lazio in Italy?

With a population of 5,864,321 million, Lazio is the second most populated region of Italy. The overall population density in the region is 341 inhabitants per km 2.

When did Lazio join the Kingdom of Italy?

On 20 September 1870 the capture of Rome, during the reign of Pope Pius IX, and France's defeat at Sedan, completed Italian unification, and Lazio was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy . In 1927 the territory of the Province of Rieti, belonging to Umbria and Abruzzo, joined Lazio.

What are the characteristics of the coast of Lazio?

The coast of Lazio is mainly composed of sandy beaches, punctuated by the headlands of Circeo (541 m) and Gaeta (171 m). The Pontine Islands, which are part of Lazio, lie opposite the southern coast. Behind the coastal strip, to the north, lies the Maremma Laziale (the continuation of Tuscan Maremma),...

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