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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on with Welsh rugby's four professional teams?

Welsh rugby's four professional teams have been given the go-ahead to begin contract talks with players. The Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) says it was part of an agreement reached with Cardiff, Dragons, Ospreys and Scarlets. Acting chief executive Nigel Walker said all player contracts are likely to be completed by the end of February.

Why did Steve Phillips quit the Welsh rugby union?

CARDIFF, Wales (AP) — The chief executive of the Welsh Rugby Union quit Sunday amid allegations of a toxic culture at the organization. Steve Phillips had resisted calls for his resignation, which came after a documentary aired allegations of misogyny, sexism, racism and homophobia at the governing body in Wales.

Is Welsh Rugby facing an existential crisis?

“There is no doubt that Welsh rugby is facing an existential crisis,” Walker said. “This has been a wake-up call. Perhaps it is a call that has been overdue. The first step to any recovery is admitting the problem.

Will the rugby calendar change?

The powers-that-be have promised the rugby calendar will eventually change, and the number of fixtures cut so international dates no longer clash with club matches, but the mixed-up season continues to confound.

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