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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lisa's'money' song about?

Lyrically, the song is about LISA’s a wealth and her affluent day-to-day life through her un-destroyable fans and support. The singer also takes time to brag about her skyrocketing fame as a member of BLACKPINK and her record-breaking solo releases. The song was also promoted with a TikTok challenge called LISA ‘MONEY’ dance challenge.

What type of music is Lisa?

LISA “MONEY” is the second track on LISA’s solo debut single-album LALISA. The song is an electronic-pop track mixed with hip-pop and a soft, ballad pop. The outro also serves a…

What was Lisa's reaction when she first heard money?

What was LISA's reaction when she first heard "MONEY"? I heard “MONEY” first and told Teddy, ‘Oh my God, Teddy oppa, I have to do this song, I want this to be my solo song.’ And he was like, ‘OK, let’s do it!’

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