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Frequently Asked Questions

Is la fable a good place to eat in Rehobeth?

Start your review of La Fable. This is one of many places I had on my Rehobeth bucket list. The food, staff, and decor all met my expectations. The way I would expect in a French cuisine. Some of the better deviled eggs I have ever had.

What to eat at La fable?

La Fable is a cozy French cafe with a full bar, good wine list and outdoor seating. We began by sharing the salade de fable of fresh greens, fruit, candied walnuts... and blue cheese dressed in a balsamic vinaigrette. They split the salad on two plates, making sharing easier. The salad was dressed perfectly and all the ingredients were fresh.

Where to eat in Rehoboth Beach?

Planning your trip, pay attention to Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk and remember to decide where to eat: this restaurant is right aside the mentioned place of interest. French cuisine is what La Fable boasts. Enjoy perfectly cooked Caesar salads, duck breast and scallops that are served at this place.

How do I navigate back and forward in Fable?

Dom P. 1992 at Fable! Use the right and left arrow keys to navigate by day. Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate back and forward by week. Use the page down and page up keys to navigate back and forward by month.

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