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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the PBS logo?

PBS Digital Studios adopted this logo (sans the company name underneath) in 2014 with the introduction of its new logo which includes the tri-colored letters and was used until 2019, when the new PBS logo was introduced.

What does the P in PBS P-head stand for?

The "P" resembles a human head (nicknamed the "P-Head" by many fans) while the "B" and "S" are more overtly geometric. The nickname for this is the "Tri-Colored Everyman P-Heads". The logo was still used on new episodes of PBS shows until 1985.

When did PBS start using the 3D glass logo?

Same as the 1989 PBS logo but with TV WORTH WATCHING text. Shaped-color variation of the 3-D Glass logo, from fall 1991. 2000 ID. The version used a gold circle. It only appeared on a defunct block of programming, History's Best .

What is the history of the P-head logo?

In 1998, the "P-Head" logo was placed in a black circle, with the "P-Head" now in white. This logo is still used at many of its TV stations. In 2002, the logo was redesigned so that the P-Head circle appears bigger than the text.

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