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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KPBS on demand access?

A new member benefit that provides extended on-demand access to quality PBS and local KPBS programming. Donors who contribute $60+ annually will be granted access to content available on the KPBS website,, and the PBS video apps for smartphones and tablets.

What is KSPS PBS?

KSPS PBS is committed to forging community partnerships and joining with our members to make real impact in Education, Workforce, Arts & Culture and Civic Health. Learn more. Showcase Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali brings to life the boxing champion who became an inspiration across the globe September 19, 7pm/8 Mtn Equity in SPS: Past, Present, Future

How much does KPBS passport cost?

Members who give $60+ annually (or $5+ per month) can unlock full seasons and early binge-watching access to buzzworthy new shows with our digital membership benefit: KPBS Passport. Become a member now!

What is KSPS passport?

KSPS Passport - a member benefit that grants access to an on-demand library of PBS Favorites, and it's available to members who've given $60 or more per year! Learn More Education Parenting Minutes All summer long, KSPS is partnering with NEWESD101 and the Spokane County Library district on a special project for families.

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