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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Kings Seeds?

Welcome to Kings Seeds, a leading supplier of vegetable seeds, flowers seeds, organic vegetable seeds, herbs seeds, Sweet Pea seeds, soft fruit and various Plug plants, from the traditional home of the British seed industry, in Kelvedon, who have been supplying commercial & retail growers since 1888.

Why choose kings seeds commercial Essex?

Kings Seeds Commercial Essex has been the centre of English seed production for many centuries. Its climate and rainfall are ideal for raising plants and taking them through the growing cycle to obtain the highest quality of seed. Kings have been following that process for over a hundred years.

How do I create a password for my Kings Seeds account?

If you've already got an account with Kings Seeds but don't yet have an online password, simply enter your Account ID and Postcode below and we'll recover your details so that you can create a password (you'll find your Account ID on your last Kings Seeds invoice). Account ID: * Postcode: * New Customer?

How long does it take to get seeds from Kings?

On our farm of some 300 acres, we have been selecting and maintaining seed stocks longer than most. We are now unique in that Kings is the last surviving wholesale horticultural seed merchant in the country. Delivery can take up to 14-21 working days.

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