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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go to the University of Kent?

If you want to attend a university that actually cares about your wellbeing, and whether you're actually alive, don't attend the University of Kent. more... problem with this review? more... problem with this review? more... problem with this review? Wonderful staff and teachers, great campus and library. more... problem with this review?

How many faculties are there at Kent University?

Kent comprises three faculties… The Faculty of Humanities has one of the largest range of subjects of any university in the UK, running programmes on architecture, arts, philosophy, history, literature, film, drama, music, various modern languages, linguistics and many other subjects also.

What is the worst thing about University of Kent?

A corrupt, unsupportive, profit orientated university within which about 90% of the lecturers are condescending, rude and unreasonable. Blatant and extreme favouritism shown to previous Kent students (I am at postgraduate level) so that they are at a massive advantage.

Does the University of Kent care about the welfare of its students?

The University of Kent couldn't care less about the welfare of its students. There are so many of us here who have mental health issues that are overlooked and brushed over, leading to unfortunate cases of suicide (which our newspaper then plasters over the front page).

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