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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best short jokes?

100 Short Jokes for Kids That Are Easy to Remember Why did the teddy bear skip out on dessert when she was on a date? She was stuffed! ... What is a little bear with no teeth is called? A gummy bear. ... What do you call a noodle that is fake? ... What's an alligator in a vest called? ... What's the best way to throw a birthday party on Mars? ... Why did the chocolate chip cookie go to see the doctor? ... More items...

What is a Daddy joke?

Dad joke. "Dad joke" is a pejorative term used to describe a corny or predictable joke, typically a pun. Generally inoffensive, dad jokes are traditionally told by fathers among family, either with sincere humorous intent, or to intentionally provoke a negative reaction to its "dagginess".

What is joke for kids?

Kids jokes are jokes for kids and children of all ages. Jokes are short and simple that kids can understand and remember them. Jokes are often coming from kids questions and kids logic which are creating a humorous situation. The simplicity of such jokes allows an individual of virtually any age to get a good laugh.

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