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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best job for a 13 year old?

Thirteen year old boys and girls can take on jobs performing yard and garden work during the warmer months. Teenagers in this age group can do anything from planting trees and shrubs to raking leaves. Thirteen year old teens can expect to earn about $7 per hour work this type of job. Jobs cleaning attics and garages.

What jobs will hire 14 year olds?

Jobs ideal for 14 year olds include a range of positions that focus on customer service, retail sales, and childcare. Seasonal establishments like theme parks, resorts, and outdoor attractions also typically hire many 14 year olds.

What jobs can you get at the age of 13?

Federal law in the United States limit the types of jobs for teens of 13 years of age. It says that you can only work as: delivering newspapers. babysitting. cleaning up leaves in the garden of your neighbor. or work as an actor, model.

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