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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Glenn Cunningham’s wife?

Before being elected to the state Senate in 2006, the widow of former Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham was charged with DWI in 2005 and pleaded guilty. She told The Jersey Journal at the time that she had failed a Breathalyzer test after being stopped by a police officer in Liberty State Park.

When will Cunningham’s case be heard in court?

Cunningham’s case has been adjourned twice and she is scheduled to appear before Municipal Court Judge Linda Schwager on Jan. 6. Cunningham’s attorney, Michael Rubas, did not return a call for comment.

Was Cunningham traumatized by the accident?

“Sen. Cunningham was clearly impacted if not traumatized by the accident,” McGreevey said at the time. “She has seen her physician and he is evaluating her prescriptions.”

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