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Frequently Asked Questions

Is jarfix safe?

Is Jarfix safe ? Of course? Why wouldn't it be? Yes. I've used it multiple times on multiple machines, and it's 100% safe (downloaded directly from the source here ). If you keep trying to boot Optifine and it just seems to open for a sec and then close, it'll fix it.

How do I use jarfix to fix JAR files?

Jarfix will also set a Java icon for your .jar files. Jarfix can also be run as an .exe, similar to any other executable on Windows. Doing this will solve the problem with your .jar file and re-associate the file extension to the correct program. By default, Jarfix fixes the problem without any additional parameters.

What is simplesimple jarfix?

Simple extension fix. Jarfix is useful for Java developers and others who frequently want to run .jar files but find that other programs are hijacking the extension. It is a lightweight, easy to use and completely free program.

Where is jarfix Exe located?

The legit jarfix.exe process is located in the e:downloads \jarfix.exe folder. If it is located elsewhere, it could be malware as a virus can have any name.

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