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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I check before applying to teach on italki?

Before applying check if your teaching language is open for application. What type of teacher are you? On italki you can become a Professional Teacher or a Community Tutor. Discover a solution that suits you. italki requires that you have a video introduction.

What is it like to work at Italki?

I really enjoy working at italki. I teach English to adult students all around the world. I can set my own hours and teach however I want and whatever I want. I do not have a boss telling me what to do. I only have to sell lessons to the students and there seems to be many students wanting to learn English, thanks to italki's marketing efforts.

Can I edit or cancel my application once italki has been submitted?

Once you’ve submitted your application, you can’t edit or cancel it unless you contact italki Support. If you need help with preparing an introduction video, please check this page: How do I record and upload a video to italki?

Can a community tutor upgrade to a professional teacher?

You can only choose one teacher type. If you first apply to become a Community Tutor, you can later upgrade to Professional Teacher. Can a Community Tutor upgrade to a Professional Teacher? As a teacher, you need to have the minimum requirements for technology.

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