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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write a notebook on italki?

On iTalki, you can submit a writing prompt to be created by native speakers. You can find this in the Community tab under the “Notebook” section. From there, click “Write a Notebook.” It will give you a few ideas of what to write about. If you do write something, make sure to go through a few prompts from other users and correct them.

How to use Italki for free?

How to use italki for free with Community Language Partners First of all, in order to use iTalki you need to create a free account on their website. You can do this using your email or by connecting your Google or Facebook accounts. After that, fill out your profile with a little information about yourself and the languages that you are learning.

What is on italki?

On italki it's about mastering a timeless skill, cultivating new perspectives, and connecting with fascinating people from around the world.

Are there any languages that have tutors on italki?

There are languages I’ve never heard of that have tutors on italki. In nearly every case, italki will both be the cheapest and most convenient place to find a teacher. This in-depth review will look at every aspect of what it’s like to use italki for your language lessons.

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