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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn a language on italki?

Language learning on italki is easy and convenient. All you need to do is: 1. Choose your language teacher by price, specialties, country of origin, and more. 2. Book your first language lesson at a time and date that suit you. 3. Connect with your teacher via video chat software, and let the learning begin!

What is on italki?

On italki it's about mastering a timeless skill, cultivating new perspectives, and connecting with fascinating people from around the world.

How much do italki lessons cost?

You can top up your italki Wallet and pay per lesson without any subscription, bookings fees, or contracts. Language teachers set their own fees starting at $8 for certified teachers and $4 for tutors. Trial lessons start from $1 to try out.

When will the last set of italki terms of service be sent?

The last set will be sent on Dec 1st. * italki Terms of Service applied. What language do you want to learn? My skepticism was related to finding a tutor who would be flexible and encouraging but this was quickly erased after my first session when I could see that the tutor was hard working and very encouraging and understanding.

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