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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the policy number on an insurance card?

Your specific policy number is listed on the declaration page, which is typically the first page of a policy. Locate your insurance card If available, locate your insurance card. Typically, policy numbers are found on the front or on the back of this card.

What is a health insurance policy number?

A health insurance policy number is essentially an account or identification number assigned to an individual or family covered by a health insurance provider. Each covered person has a unique number that allows the insurer and health providers to match covered treatments with the right policy information.

Is the insurance policy number the same as the group number?

Group Numbers. If you purchased the insurance policy through your employer, you belong to a group insurance plan. You'll also see a group ID number on your insurance card. The group ID isn't the same as your policy number – everyone in your organization who participates in the insurance plan shares the same group ID number.

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