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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need proof of loss for an insurance claim?

Submitting proof of loss is a formal step that most property insurance companies require when filing a claim. It is an official claim document submitted by you to your insurer that validates your loss's repair and replacement estimates and inventories of items claimed.

Can an insurer reject my proof of loss?

An insurer may reject your Proof of Loss Once you have completed the Proof of Loss and submitted it to your insurance company, they will review the document and issue a reply. The insurer may accept your proof or they may reject your proof.

How do insurance companies lose money?

Insurance Companies Do Not Lose Money. A very simple example of how this works follows: You have a $20 co-pay for a medication that retails for $50. The manufacturer sells the drug to the wholesaler for $40. The manufacturer gives a rebate to the insurance (for various reasons) for $8, so the manufacturer nets $32. The wholesaler paid $40...

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