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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add an Instagram app?

Open the Instagram app and tap the profile tab at the bottom right. On your profile tab, tap the cog wheel icon at the top right to go to the Options screen. Scroll down and tap the ‘Add Account’ button. You will be prompted to enter the username and password for the account you want to add.

How do I download an Instagram app?

To download the actual Instagram app, go to the top left corner of the App Store app and tap on "Filters", then tap on "iPhone Only.". Select "iPhone Only" and the app automatically executes the search again. The Instagram app will now appear in the search results.

Can I download Instagram?

Yes, you can download your Instagram photos to a location you prefer. Which means that you can save your Instagram photos onto your cloud account (like Dropbox, Google Drive) as well as onto other services (like Facebook, Flickr Google Photos etc.) using ‘PicBackMan’.

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