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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create drop down lists three different ways in Excel?

[Solution] How to Create a Drop down List in Excel 3 Ways (quickest) - Enter Your Menu Options Manually. OK, enough of the introduction - let's start creating these menus! ... (quick, easy to update) - refer to a data range. What if you want to update your menu items later? ... (best) - use an Excel Table to future-proof your list. Of course, I've saved the best option for last. ... See More....

How do you create a drop down menu in Excel?

How to Make a Drop Down in Excel 2010Create the list for the dropdownSelect the items, enter a name, then press Enter.Click the cell where the dropdown should be.Choose the Data tab.Click Data Validation.Choose the List optionType an “=” sign, then the Name from step 2.Click the OK button.

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