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Frequently Asked Questions

What is English sauce called in other countries?

In Brazil and Portugal it is known as molho inglês ('English sauce'). In Costa Rica, a local variation of the sauce is Salsa Lizano, created in 1920 and a staple condiment at homes and restaurants. In Denmark, Worcestershire sauce is commonly known as Engelsk sauce, meaning 'English sauce'.

What is soy sauce made out of?

Though soy sauce is produced in factories around the world these days, the majority of the soy sauces on supermarket shelves are either Chinese or Japanese in origin and mainly consist of soybeans, salt, water and wheat flour (or whole wheat, for some).

What type of soy sauce should I use for Chinese cooking?

If a Chinese recipe calls for soy sauce but doesn't specify which style, it's generally best to use light soy sauce (saang chau) -- the soy sauce made from the process described above.

Is Worcestershire sauce the same as soy sauce?

Worcestershire sauce is variously known as "spicy soy sauce" (Chinese: 辣酱油; pinyin: là jiàngyóu) in the mainland, "Worcester sauce" (Chinese: 伍斯特醬; pinyin: wŭsītè jiàng) in Taiwan, and "gip-sauce" (Chinese: 喼汁; pinyin: jízhī; Jyutping: gip1zap1) in Hong Kong and neighboring southern regions.

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