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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the influence book summary?

In the full Influence book summary, we take a closer look at the factors influencing commitment, examples of how this principle is applied around us, and how to avoid being manipulated. When we’re uncertain how to behave or react, we look to others for answers.

What is the best book to read after influence?

It provides a solid foundation for better understanding sales, marketing and persuasion in almost every situation. The best book to read next would be Pre-Suasion, which is like Cialdini’s sequel to Influence. That one talks about the critical importance of attention, and how our focus can be directed and misdirected by others.

What is developing the leader within you 2.0?

In Developing the Leader Within You 2.0, John outlines principles for inspiring, motivating, and influencing others from any type of leadership position. Everything rises and falls on leadership. The world becomes a better place when people become better leaders.

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