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Frequently Asked Questions

What are important Supreme Court rulings – for UPSC IAS?

In this article, You will read Important Supreme Court Judgments – for UPSC IAS. SC contended that there was no violation of Fundamental Rights enshrined in Articles 13, 19, 21, and 22 under the provisions of the Preventive Detention Act if the detention was as per the procedure established by law. Here, the SC took a narrow view of Article 21.

What is the SC's view of Article 21?

Here, the SC took a narrow view of Article 21. This case dealt with the amendability of Fundamental Rights (the First Amendment’s validity was challenged). The SC contended that the Parliament’s power to amend under Article 368 also includes the power to amend the Fundamental Rights guaranteed in Part III of the Constitution.

What is the significance of the Raut vs State of India case?

The decision of this case is a landmark one in the constitutional jurisprudence of India. This case has helped in determining a satisfactory method of preserving the settled position and to address grievances pertaining to the violation of fundamental rights.

Why did the SC strike down article 329-a?

The SC applied the theory of basic structure and struck down Clause (4) of article 329-A, which was inserted by the 39th Amendment in 1975 on the grounds that it was beyond the Parliament’s amending power as it destroyed the Constitution’s basic features.

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