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Frequently Asked Questions

How do memory cells differ from effector cells?

Th memory cells differ from the effector cells in that the memory cells live longer. Two types of cells are produced by the clonal selection, these are the effector cells and the memory cells. Effector cells are relatively short lived activated cells that defend the body in an immune response.

How does immunological memory work?

Medical Definition of immunological memory. : the capacity of the body's immune system to remember an encounter with an antigen due to the activation of B cells or T cells having specificity for the antigen and to react more swiftly to the antigen by means of these activated cells in a later encounter.

What is immune memory?

Immune memory is a systemic phenomenon generated through the propagation and selective preservation of antigen-experienced memory cells in response to primary antigen exposure. Adaptive immunity to most foreign proteins requires the helper T (Th)-cell-regulated development of antigen-specific effector and memory B cells.

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