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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hybe become the top K-pop agency in 2022?

HYBE's quest to become the top K-pop agency will resume in 2022! On January 25, a solid artist lineup of comebacks, debuts and other activities under the company has been revealed. This year is a very important starting point for HYBE.

Will Hybe debut new groups in 2021?

HYBE – formerly Big Hit – has expanded its activities and promoted plans to debut new groups under its sub-labels. It is known that HYBE has built a lot of music-related plans, focusing on creating opportunities for each subsidiary to debut their own groups. Therefore, in 2021 to 2022, many auditions will be held.

What is brand new music's new boy group?

Brand New Music has launched a full-fledged debut plan for their new boy group. This new boy group is Brand New Music's first group with a large number of members. The group will consist of multi-talented members, including Lee EunSang, who is currently working as a solo artist. They will be debuting in the first half of 2022.

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