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Frequently Asked Questions

Does HSBC have this account number?

When you open an account, you will be issued HSBC account number consisting of 12 digits. The account number is uniquely structured to represent the branch and the type of product that you hold with the bank. Earlier, HSBC used to issue only 9-digit account number. From 2015, it has started to issue account numbers with 12 digits which include the branch details as well. Let’s say your HSBC account number is 002-0805412-003.

Which bank is HSBC affiliated with?

HSBC Bank USA, N.A. is the principal subsidiary of HSBC USA Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of HSBC North America Holdings Inc. In the United States, deposit products are offered by HSBC Bank USA, N.A., Member FDIC, investment and brokerage services are provided through HSBC Securities (USA) Inc., (Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC) and insurance products ...

Is HSBC a private bank?

hsbc private bank, together with the private banking business of hsbc trinkaus & burkhardt ag (operating as hsbc trinkaus) known collectively as global private banking, provides services to wealthy people and their families through 96 offices in some 43 countries and territories in europe, the americas, the asia-pacific region, the middle east …

Is HSBC still in business?

The sale or closure of its around 150 remaining branches in the United States, after it shuttered 80 last year, would mark the end of HSBC's struggle to turn around a business which has struggled to make inroads against incumbent domestic rivals. Ahead of the strategy update Quinn on Monday reshuffled several of his senior lieutenants.

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