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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Lego Super Mario set will be the Mighty Bowser?

Set #71411 is an awesome tribute to Mario's greatest foe. The new LEGO Super Mario: The Mighty Bowser is everything it needs to be. It looks like Bowser, for one; the King of Koopa's proportions make him ideal for LEGO-ization.

How many steps does it take to build Bowser?

The final build is imposing and durable; you can move Bowser and play with him, without worrying that something will snap or fall off ( see it at Amazon ). It is composed of 22 steps, and the set follows a similar build process to other LEGO humanoids of this scope and scale.

What does Bowser's build look like?

He has a rounded torso and chubby legs that are proportioned to the size of an infant's, and the final build is surprisingly huggable-looking for something made of plastic. My favorite part of the build is Bowser's shell, owing to its cumulative effect.

How do you beat Mighty Bowser in Super Mario?

This makes Mighty Bowser compatible with the LEGO Super Mario playsets; if you own the starter set, you can use the LED Mario figure to stomp on this barcode, which will initiate a boss fight between you and Bowser. You can then stomp on Bowser multiple times, and eventually, you will "defeat" him, earn coins, and trigger the victory music.

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