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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is included in one roll of quarters?

There’s 40 individual quarters in a roll with a face value of $10 and this includes all quarters issued by the U.S. Mint. The list of quarters issued by the US Mint Bust Type, Seated Type, Barber Head, Standing Liberty, Washington, State Quarters, Commonwealth, American The Beautiful. All come in rolls of 40 coins.

What quarters are worth more than their face value?

Yes, you can find silver quarters and other rare quarters in your pocket change. These are the most valuable quarters you should be looking for. They’re worth at least 4 times face value: $1 or more apiece! See which quarters you should be looking for…

How many quarters are in a quarter roll?

A standard roll of quarters has 40 individual quarters. Each is worth 25 cents, meaning that a roll of quarters is worth $10. That said, a standard box of quarters from the Federal Reserve Bank contains 50 rolls of quarters. Meaning, there are 2,000 quarters per box, each worth 25 cents. In total, that comes out to $500.

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