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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do they speak in Honduras?

In Honduras, the language used by most of the people is Spanish. There are, however, other smaller dialects spoken in the country such as Creole English and a few languages of Amerindian origin.

What is the official language of Honduras?

Spanish: The Official Language Of Honduras. The Spanish language spoken by the Hondurans was passed to them by the colonialists many years ago. The language is used for government and business official transactions. Furthermore, the language used for instruction in educational institutions is Spanish.

What food is Honduras famous for?

Honduras is a fertile land with numerous fruits and vegetables readily available for consumption. The region's historic diet is also based on these local foods, which including pineapple, bananas, papayas, plums, potatoes, peppers, onions, cassava (yucca), cabbage, tomatoes, plantains, and coconuts among many more.

What are the language percentages in Honduras?

Spanish is the formal language of Honduras and Catholicism is the common faith in the nation with more than 80 percent of the inhabitants practicing this religion. The largest section of the remaining population is made up of Protestants and their gatherings can be noticed in the east and on the Bay Islands as this is the region where 21st-century preaching has set its endeavors.

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