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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fun things to do in Honduras?

Honduras' Bay Islands - Roatan, Utila, Guanaja, and the Cayos Cochinos - are the most popular tourist attractions in Honduras. They offer many of the best things to do in Honduras: diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, or relaxing on a beach.

What are common Honduran last names?

The most common Honduran surnames Hernandez (270,545) Lopez (245,736) Martinez (234,466)

What is the traditional dress of Hondurans?

The traditional clothing in Honduras is made by hand, typically from white fabric and sewn with colorful seams. Women may wear a sleeveless dress, usually with a cloth worn around the waist like a belt, while men wear white pants and a white shirt, also sewn with colorful designs. Some men add a hat, scarf or vest to their outfit.

What is the Honduras nationality?

Ethnicity Nearly all of the people of Honduras today are ethnically "mestizo," a combination of American Indians and Europeans (primarily Spanish). Of the rest of the people in the country, most are either wholly American Indian or African.

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