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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Asheville have natural salt caves?

Asheville does not have natural, authentic salt caves and salt mines. In fact, there are only very few known natural salt caves in the world that were created by the influences of the elements. However, we can re-create the dry salt particles and negative ions found in natural salt mines above ground in man-made salt caves, like ours.

Where can I experience frequency therapy in Asheville?

Experience our Frequency Therapy in our Wellness Salt Room at Asheville's Salt Spa. Private Groups of 3 or 4 people can book our Salt Therapy Service with Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation!

What makes our salt spa different?

Our Salt Spa is geared with such a Halogenerator, ensuring real salt therapy. This Flu Fighter Kit is formulated with potent essential oils that boost your immune system. Contains robust anti-viral and disinfectant properties.

Why choose salt massage?

The salt environment makes for a wonderful setting to truly relax and de-stress. You can choose between a relaxing spa massage, deep therapeutic massage or for the ultimate massage experience choose your massage on our warm Far Infrared and PEMF Gemstone Chakra Full Body Mat with 25 lb of gemstones. We also offer prenatal massages.

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