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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the probate department do in Texas?

The Probate, Guardianship, and Trust Department maintains the files on probate estates, wills, trusts and guardianships for both minors and incapacitated persons. They monitor, file, and store all pending case files and all wills that have been deposited with the Probate Department.

How long do probate records last?

The filings within the court record are maintained for 10 years after the case has been finalized (also see "Who is allowed to view or request a copy of a deceased person's will, and how long are these records available?"). Where do I find probate forms? Probate forms are available on the Forms page .

What is a will in probate law?

Will means an instrument, including a codicil, executed by a person in the manner prescribed by this code, which disposes of his/her property on or after his/her death and includes an instrument which merely appoints a personal representative or revokes or revises another will. How long are probate records retained by the Clerk?

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