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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hillsborough juvenile detention center?

Counties Served: Hillsborough The Hillsborough Juvenile Detention Center, West is a 80 bed, hardware secure facility that serves youth detained by various circuit court (s). Youth are detained pending adjudication, disposition or placement in commitment facility. The facility provides supervision of youth in a safe, secure and humane environment.

Who provides arrest inquiries online for Hillsborough County?

The Sheriffs Office provides arrest inquiries online for Hillsborough County. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Tell us what was confusing, missing or inaccurate about this page.

Who is considered juvenile delinquency?

Any person under the age of 18 years who has committed a law violation. How can I view Juvenile Delinquency cases? What are the fees and fines associated with this service? What are my options for obtaining customer service from the Clerk's office?

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