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Frequently Asked Questions

What are HCC's online student resources?

Online Student Resources HCC provides online and in-person resources to guide your full educational path from admission to graduation and a career. Online students are always welcome to take advantage of these services in person when on an HCC campus. Preparing for the semester

Why can't I log in to HCC?

Please Note: If you last attended HCC prior to September 2021, you may have issues logging in due to never having set up your account in Microsoft. If you are unable to login using your default password or reset your existing account, you will need to contact our IT helpdesk at 1-877-736-2575 or submit a ticket with the online support center..

How do I log in to hccfl?

Login using your NetID email address and password. [email protected] Need help signing in?

How do I get a new HCC campus card?

(If you are a student, you must first make the change with the HCC Admissions, Registration and Records Office.) You were an HCC student and now you are employed by the college. To receive your new card, please email your full name, employee/student ID number and the details of why you need a replacement card to [email protected]

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