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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you win Hearts game?

Try to win a Hearts game. To win, you need to try and earn the least points by passing cards to your opponents and playing the lowest card. Click play to start a game. Click Help for instructions. The High Scores button shows the scores of previous games. You can toggle sound on and off using the speaker and music buttons within the game.

What are the rules of Hearts game?

Generally, you should pass over the highest cards of any suits. In the game of Hearts, any aces and picture cards should be passed first. This is because the higher value of the card, the more likely it is you’re going to win the given ‘trick’ at any time – this increases your chance of winning heart cards in the later rounds.

How do you play Hearts online?

You can start playing Hearts Online Game in either of the below game modes: In the Standard Mode the game can be with many rounds until one of the Players makes 100 Points. In the Quick Mode you will play only 1 Round. The Winner is whoever has less points than the other Players.

What is the best strategy for Hearts?

Hearts strategies are key to beating players in Expert Hearts. One of the most helpful strategies that players can employ is counting cards. There are a few ways to could cards, one of them is to keep track of how many time a suit has gone around.

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