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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be another season of Heartland?

In the past 14 years, Heartland has captured the hearts of horse lovers around the globe. It has also become the longest-running one-hour scripted drama ever to air on Canadian television. Now that Season 14 has concluded on March 21, 2021, fans have started to wonder whether the show will return for yet another season.

What happened to Amy on Heartland season 15?

In season 15 of HEARTLAND, they will put what they learned into practice. Last season, Amy said goodbye to the past. This season, she embraces the future – raising her daughter, working with the horses who continue to heal her, branching out into a new phase of her life and profession.

When did a Heartland Christmas come out on TV?

A Heartland Christmas (2010) PG | 1h 30min | Family | TV Movie 12 December 2010. Christmas comes to Heartland, along with an anonymous call about starving horses stranded by an avalanche in the Rocky Mountains, which send Amy and Ty to their rescue.

When will season 12 of Heartland be on Netflix?

In the United States, Netflix used to release a new season of Heartland every summer, up until August 2019. Following the release of Season 11, there was a delay of a year and a half before both seasons 12 and 13 dropped in February, 2021.

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