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Frequently Asked Questions

When will season 11 of Heartland be on TV?

UPtv has announced that they have picked up season 11 of Heartland and it will begin airing on February 28, 2018.

Did heartland get canceled?

“Heartland” Canceled By TNT. TNT has canceled its summer drama Heartland, after a disappointing run in the ratings. The series, which starred Treat Williams, never really caught on with audiences, posting a less than stellar debut and dropping each week thereafter.

Is Heartland still in production?

CBC is headed back to the Heartland. Today, it was announced production on season 10 of the Canadian series has officially begun. Based on the book series by Lauren Brooke, Heartland stars Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming Borden, a young horse trainer in rural Canada. The family drama was renewed for a 10th season back in March.

Is Kevin McGarry still on Heartland?

So far, Kevin McGarry has been in 44 episodes of Heartland. Since Lou and Mitch break up at the end of Season 14, many of you might be wondering whether the actor will return to the show. At the end of Season 14, Kevin McGarry is still on Heartland.

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