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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hunter decks good?

Hunter decks are well suited for an aggro-style due to its aggressive hero power. The class is able to deal with threats and also punishes opponents for overextending. Despite attempts to nerf Hunter, the class has continued to have a dominant run in the meta. You can select up to (5) cards!

What are the best decks?

Best Decks Evolve Shaman Battlecry (Quest) Shaman Resurrect Priest Highlander Hunter Tempo Rogue Highlander Paladin

What are the downsides of Beast Hunter?

The biggest downside of Beast Hunter is its cost. If you were to make this one from scratch (which is not recommended), it’d cost you nearly 20,000 dust. That being said, if you love a deck with a ton of hard-hitting Legendaries, this one is for you.

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