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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Halloween 2018 filmed?

Filming Locations of Halloween, the new 2018 movie. The sequel, directed by David Gordon Green has received a good critical response and topped the box office in its debut. The new Halloween is also set in the fictional town of Haddonfield (Illinois) as the original one, and it was shot on location in Charleston, South Carolina.

When did Halloween (2018) come out?

Halloween (2018) Halloween (2018) Production studios Blumhouse Productions Miramax Release October 19, 2018 Running time 106 min Country United States 12 more rows ...

Who are the actors in the movie Halloween 2018?

Halloween (2018) Directed by David Gordon Green Produced by John Carpenter Malek Akkad Jason Blum Written by David Gordon Green Danny McBride Jeff Fr ... Starring Jamie Lee Curtis Judy Greer Nick Castle ... 13 more rows ...

What is the new Halloween movie about?

The new Halloween movie is a continuation of the cult horror 1978 film, released coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of the John Carpenter's slasher classic. The babysitter killer is back to the neighborhood after escaping from a crashed penitentiary bus.

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