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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between regret and guilt?

Regret or remorse is a similar feeling to guilt. It is important to distinguish the difference. It is not always easy to do. The two feelings can also get mixed together. The person may have to look deep into themselves and ask the person who died for her or his forgiveness, too.

Is regret and remorse enough to change people?

Regret and remorse weren’t enough to make them change either. Rather, it was only when they could no longer live with themselves and the kind of person they’d allowed themselves to become that things finally turned around. Shame saved them where guilt, regret, and remorse all failed.

What is the difference between guilt and remorse?

There is a difference between guilt and regret or remorse. As a reactive emotion, guilt makes it hard to see clearly and understand the tragedy of what took place and the details of what led up to the tragedy, perhaps patterns extending over a long period. Plagued with guilt, the person cannot find any peace or clarity about a past event.

Is there such a thing as genuine remorse?

So, genuine remorse is usually not in their vocabulary when they do things that hurt others. They might well have some regret for the practical consequences of their actions, but that’s not at all the same as being remorseful.

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