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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be included in a guardianship letter?

A well-written guardianship letter should include important information such as: Names and contact information of all parties involved, including the ward, the previous guardian, and the new guardian or guardians. Important dates, such as when the new guardianship arrangement should begin and when it should be terminated.

How to write a guardianship letter form?

How to Write a Guardianship Letter Over to My Child Format and Scope of the Guardianship Letter. A guardianship letter should be drafted according to basic business letter rules. ... Statement of Consent and Scope of Authority. ... Term of Guardianship. ... Signing and Notarizing the Guardianship Letter. ...

Can guardianship be provided by a notarized letter?

Legal guardianship can only be established by a court, not by a notarized letter from a parent. A court-ordered guardianship allows someone other than a parent to care for a minor and to make day-to-day decisions concerning the child's well-being.

How do I get legal guardianship?

In order to become a guardian, you need to fill out some forms and petition for guardianship of the minor. Visit a court clerk's office in your town and ask for a petition sample for guardianship and a standard form for guardianship. Take the person who needs your guardianship to a doctor and get him examined.

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