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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Google News?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Google News is a personalized news aggregator that organizes and highlights what’s happening in the world so you can quickly catch up and discover more about the stories that matter to you.

What is Google News and how does it work?

Google News organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you. With Google News, you’ll see: Your briefing – It can be nearly impossible to keep up with every story you care about. With your briefing, easily stay in the know about what’s important and relevant to you.

What happened at Google's headquarters in New York City?

The second rally took place near Google's corporate offices in New York City on Thursday. In this demonstration, nearly 50 Google employees protested shortly after its parent company Alphabet announced fourth-quarter profits of $13.6 billion.

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