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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Goldie Hawn keep her arms fit?

© Goldie Hawn/Instagram Goldie Hawn, 76, flashes her killer arms as she cuddles with her puppy in a new Instagram photo. Exercising daily—even if it's just 15 minutes—keeps her fit. Goldie Hawn just dropped a new post on Instagram—and it’s pure fitness goals.

What did Goldie Hawns do in her viral dance video?

Goldie showed off her silly dance moves as she turned her back to the camera, jumped and waved her arms in the air. The actress put her coverup back on as she lifted it up to let it blow in the wind before the fun video came to an end.

Does Goldie Hawn have a puppy?

Goldie Hawn has a special way of approaching life that just makes people want to smile. (Seriously, peep her Instagram if you want to feel a little peppier.) And she just dropped the sweetest post about her puppy-and her joy is seriously infectious.

Who is Goldie Hawns’ daughter-in-law?

Back in November, the actress made a rare appearance on social media when she was included in a photo at her daughter-in-law Meredith Hagner’s baby shower. Meredith, 34, is married to Goldie and longtime partner Kurt Russell’s son Wyatt Russell, 34.

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