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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Glassdoor charge to post jobs?

Glassdoor is a job board that charges employers for posting open positions. It also allows employees to post reviews of employers and salary information, and employers to manage their profiles on the site.

Is Glassdoor and indeed the same?

Is Indeed the same as Glassdoor? No, although the platforms have partnered and combined some of their functions, they maintain distinct brand identities. Indeed is an employment search engine, whereas Glassdoor is a job site and platform that offers employer branding solutions and where current and former employees can review companies.

What is salary information on Glassdoor?

We currently offer a few different types of salary information on Glassdoor. Salary reports from employees on company pages: On a company's salary pages, you can see what employees report earning for a specific job at a particular company. These are user generated (aka provided by current or previous employees).

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