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Frequently Asked Questions

Is feedback really a gift?

In sitting back and reflecting on the entire event I am reminded once again that yes, feedback very much is a gift; a gift that unpacks itself over time. The desired outcome of feedback is amplified when it is mindfully delivered and graciously received.

What is the importance of giving feedback?

18 ●The Power of Feedback Useful Feedback Is Supportive. Useful feedback is given in a spirit of supportiveness. The sole purpose of giving workplace feedback is to help associates, supervisors, and coworkers to improve the quality of their work in order to meet goals—it is always given with helpfulness in mind.

What is receiving feedback?

Receiving Constructive Feedback. Feedback is information that is presented from one person to another to help inform another person, to help provide that other person with further information, and to help that person expand self-awareness. It should be received, digested, processed, and integrated with existing knowledge,...

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