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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors do light 2 and safelight two-outlet covers come in?

That’s it! SnapPower’s GuideLight 2 and SafeLight two-outlet covers come in two styles, Duplex and Décor, and four colors – white, ivory, light almond, and black.

What is the difference between snappower’s guidelights and safelights?

But SnapPower’s GuideLights and SafeLights outlet covers and SwitchLights light switch plates are battery-free, wire-free replacements with a discreet LED night light built into the bottom. SnapPower’s outlet covers and light switch plates look ordinary during the day but have light sensors built-in so the light comes on automatically at night.

What is the difference between the guidelight 2 and guidelight2 plus?

The GuideLight 2 (starting at $17 for one, check price on Amazon) is regular outlet cover (the GuideLight 2 PLUS (starting at $19 for one) is regular outlet cover but adds the ability to turn on and off the night light manually.

How much does an outlet cover cost?

This outlet cover extends from the wall a bit, but it's still flatter that plugging in a power adapter. You can choose from three colors – white, ivory, and light almond. Prices start at $19 for a single outlet cover (check price on Amazon ).

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