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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gee?

Definition of gee (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : the letter g 2 [grand] slang : a thousand dollars

What does gee up mean?

to turn (something) to the right. gee up, (used as a word of command to a horse or other draft animal directing it to go faster.)

What is a Gee estimator?

GEEs are usually used in conjunction with Huber–White standard error estimates, also known as "robust standard error" or "sandwich variance" estimates. In the case of a linear model with a working independence variance structure, these are known as "heteroscedasticity consistent standard error" estimators.

What is the phonetic pronunciation of Gee?

Gee is the phonetic pronunciation of the letter G . Gee or GEE may also refer to: Gee, a song on the unfinished Beach Boys album Smile. Gee (navigation) or GEE, a British radio navigation system used by the Royal Air Force during World War II Al Giardello, a fictional character on the television drama Homicide: Life on the Street

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