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Frequently Asked Questions

Are GBS batteries now part of upergy?

We are delighted to announce that our company GBS batteries will become part of the UPERGY group from the 12th July 2021.

Where are GBGB batteries made?

GB Industrial Battery - South Carolina, S.C., SC Industrial Battery Power Products - Salisbury - Union City Tennessee, Tenn., TN Forklift Batteries - Vermont, Vt., VT Forklift Batteries - Virgin Islands, V.I., VI

Who is Zhejiang GBS energy?

Please leave your correct email and detailed requirements. Established in 2007, Zhejiang GBS Energy Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech lithium battery manufacturer who specializes in developing and producing LiFePO4 battery and battery system integration.

What voltages do the GB batteries come in?

We offer new GB Batteries and chargers in the following standard voltages: 6 cell / 12v, 12 cell / 24v, 18 cell / 36v, 24 cell / 48v. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.

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