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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any gay TV news anchors?

Lots of the local Washington DC area anchors (& former anchors) are gay: Wendy Reiger, Susan Kidd, JC Hayward, Maureen Bunyan. The former weatherman (Jeff Gilbert) even did gay porn! It's widely speculated that CNN's Anderson Cooper and Fox News Channel's Shepherd Smith are gay.

Who are the most visible LGBT journalists on TV?

The CNN anchor and author is one of the most visible LGBT journalists of color on television, and he brings many of these intersections to the table when reporting (most recently, from protests in Ferguson, Mo.). 17. Janet Mock

Who's gay at WCBS?

Next to his co-horts Miss Wragge and Miss Quinn (not to mention queer reporter Dave Carlin), Rob Morrison is practically the John Wayne of WCBS! Also gay at WCBS - Maurice "Blanche" Dubois... Aengus MacGrianna. I also have my suspicions about some of the Sky News guys. Sorry, guys, Tom Llamas is straight.

Who is Fox News host Rob Schmitt?

What is his Net worth in 2020? Rob Schmitt is an American news anchor and reporter who currently serves as co-host of Fox & Friends First on the Fox News Channel (FNC) from 5:00-6:00 am ET. Schmitt was born on August 13, 1983, to parents Farzaneh and Robert Schmitt in Carmel, India.

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