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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the gap portal show?

The GAP portal will show Tier inventories compared to the OEM JIS call-off for the sole purpose of monitoring the days-on-hand levels along with being an aide to form a more tranparent basis for communication. The web portal is by no means a manufacturing or shipping "planning" tool in which to forecast your production/shipment scheduling.

How do I apply for a job at gap?

If you're an external candidate, apply through our careers portal. If you're an internal candidate, apply through Gapweb.

How do I contact gap for immediate help?

For immediate help on common issues like returns and orders status, first look through the topics to the left. Looking for something specific at a store nearby? Use the store locator. Start a chat using the icon in the bottom right corner of the page. Regular chat hours are daily, 7 am – 1am ET. 800-GAPSTYLE (800-427-7895). 614-744-3907.

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