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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gaelic football?

Gaelic football. - A rough, football-like game mainly played in Ireland with 15 players to each side with the object of punching, dribbling, or kicking the ball into a goal.

How do you pronounce Gaelic names in English?

Firstly, it’s pronounced (in English) ‘gal-ick’. Irish Gaelic is pronounced (in English) ‘gay-lik’. The (Scottish) Gaelic name for (Scottish) Gaelic is Gàidhlig, pronounced ‘gaa-lik’, not to be confused with the Irish (Gaelic) name for Irish (Gaelic), which is written Gaeilge and pronounced ‘gail-gyuh’.

What is the official language of Scotland in football?

The language Scottish Gaelic. It is a celtic language, Penalties in Gaelic football: Are spot kicks the fairest way to decide matches? Meet the fishermen from Ghana taking up gaelic football after going to work in Northern Ireland.

Is Gaelic football in the worst shape in the world?

Of all the Irish pastimes the GAA set out to preserve and promote, it is fair to say that Gaelic football was in the worst shape at the time of the association's foundation (GAA Museum, 2001). Irish forms of football were not formally arranged into an organised playing code by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) until 1887.

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